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Anyone with Ribble Steel or 7046 Curved frame?

ortegapcsortegapcs Posts: 5
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Hi everyone.
I'm looking for someone with a Ribble 525 Steel frame size 44 or 49, or someone with a 7046 sportive curved frame size 44 or 49 in order to know two or three measures since I'm thinking about getting the steel frame or the aluminium one.
I've looking for the weight of the 525 steel frame and I found out that the weight with the fork in size L is around 2,5kg, is that right?
I didn't know where exactly place this post.

Thank you very much in advance


  • jordan_217jordan_217 Posts: 2,580
    It's probs best that you post this in Road Buying Advice or Road General, the mods may just move it anyway (mods?)…

    I have a 525, with 550.6 top effective top tube. So I probably can't help you but have you seen Ribbles geometry chart?:


    I'm not sure of the exact weight but it's heavy! Don't let that put you off though, it's lovely to ride and even with a rack and loaded pannier it doesn't feel dead or sluggish. It's also really well finished. Good value IMO.
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