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Avanti Chrono Evo II

cat_with_no_tailcat_with_no_tail Posts: 12,981
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Never having been one for dipping my toes in, I've decided to go off the deep end for my latest whim to become a Timetrialist. Found this with a MASSIVE discount so figured it'd be rude not to.

Introducing my brand new baby, the Avanti Chrono Evo 2

Frame: ADT R5 Carbon EVO II, TT Geometry Di2 Specific
Fork: ADT R5 Carbon EVO II, Aero Road with 1-1/8” Carbon Steerer
Headset: Integrated

Groupset: Ultegra Di2 6800
Brakes: Ultegra front, Tektro chainstay mounted rear
Brake levers: Sram 990 Aero Brake Lever with Built In Brake Cable Adjuster, with Shimano Brake cables

Wheelset: Planet X Pro Carbon 50mm tubular
Tyres: Conti Podium 22mm tubs - taped on

Wheelset #2: Shimano RS31 Aero Wheelset
Tyres: Kenda Kaliente PRO 700 x 23c Folding with Superlite Tubes

Handlebar: PRO Missile Evo Carbon Aero Bar with Carbon Extensions
Stem: Chrono EVO II with internal cable routing
Grips: Zero Micro Wrap
Saddle: Zero Zone Pro
Seatpost: Aero Carbon Chrono EVO II






  • Question is; can you actually get that low?! That is quite the drop.
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 25,292 Lives Here
    Blimey, certainly no half measures there you have jumped right in. No way I could ride that as I am an inflexible old git. In body as well as spirit. How does it feel?
  • I've only given it a quick test on the turbo as it was dark and raining when I got home last night. The wind is due to subside in time for the weekend, so I'm hoping to take it out and give it a good thrashing on sat/sun, which will be the first proper test.

    In terms of riding position though, it's actually fairly comfy. Looking at the picture though and I do need to tilt the bars up a bit more as they're not quite level. Those Pro Missile Evo bars are great though! Very adjustable and dead easy to get into a comfy position. I also like how you can add spacers to increase the stack height of the extensions. That could potentially come in handy for longer rides.

    The biggest adjustment so far is getting used to Di2. 30 years of moving a lever of one sort or another to change gear gear, and now I have to get used to pushing a button.

    Will see how I get on with cornering and stuff at the weekend. I can get wifi at the hospital. :p
  • they are awesome to look at in the flesh.....

    a shop guy tried to sell me one of these when i was looking for my new bike.... dont know why.... maybe cos it was the most expensive in the shop and he was not listening to my wants....

    anyways.... looks good and enjoy the ride!
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  • roktrokt Posts: 493
    That looks great, nice and aggressive, looks fast just standing still !

    But that's one hell of a drop, makes Wiggins TT bike from the World
    Championships look a bit sit-up-and-beg !!! :D
  • veronese68veronese68 Posts: 25,292 Lives Here
    Will see how I get on with cornering and stuff at the weekend. I can get wifi at the hospital. :p
    :-) Good luck, I look forward to reading the ride report.
  • Wow, that thing is amazing look. Loving the all black look!
  • Managed to get out for an hour today to set up the Avanti.

    I had to mess about with the seat position quite a bit. The seat mast has been dropped slightly from the original pictures (not that you'd notice), and I found tilting the saddle forwards a little made it a bit comfier (it's also been moved quite far forwards on the rail).

    I think I'm going to add another 10mm or so of shims under the extensions just to raise them a little so I'm not having to tilt my neck quite as far back. This involves messing about with the cables on the Di2 though (they route internally down through the extensions, through the wings and in through the stem).



    To be completely honest, I don't really feel entirely at home on a TT bike yet. This is of course completely as expected, especially given the particularly race oriented nature of the Avanti.
    One thing that did surprise me though is how well it climbs when you're out of the saddle on the "wing tips". I mean, it's not going to replace the Rose for long days with 3,000m climbing or anything, but it did make pretty light work of some shortish 10% ramps on my way home.

    I think I'm going to bite the bullet and book myself in for a proper bike fit. I'm pretty confident I'm NEARLY there, but having never really raced proper TT bikes before, I think it'll be useful to have a proper setup done as it's obviously completely different to the normal Roadie.

    I think I'm going to spend the next week acclimatizing to the position on the turbo before giving it another shot next week.

    With regards to the PX tubs. I'm very impressed so far, especially for the money. They pick up really quickly, they're light, and there is no discernable flex. I tried them out on the Rose earlier in the week, and they accelerate noticably quicker than my Ksyrium Elites and hold speed much easier.

    The more eagle eyed amongst you may have noticed my aero water bottle. No idea how many seconds it's likely to save over your average 25mile course, but it does look the part. I also won out because I ordered the Firerglass one, but they sent the carbon version by mistake. I offered to return it, but was told to just keep it. BONUS!
  • napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,990
    Looks great! I had a Spesh aero bottle that bounced out on a rough bit of road, I lost it first time I raced with it so replaced it with the Elite. I also lost my Elite bottle on the first ride as it bounced out going over a rough bit of road and was promptly squashed by a following car :(
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  • RideOnTimeRideOnTime Posts: 4,712
    Very nice. Take good care of it.... :shock:
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