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I've ordered a Garmin 200, haven't got it yet, but want to get using it right away so am preparing now.

I want to get it so it displays "turn right/left" when a change of road, but not just a bend in the road, is to be done. Apparently you can effect that by using way points, right?

So do you need to put, on the map in your chosen routing website/software, a way point where there is a turning to be carried out (on each one), and no where else? Sometimes you need to put a way point to just force the route to go where you want it to go. Does that not cause a problem?

So, main question: is the goal to just have one way point on each proper turning and no where else?

Just struggling to understand how the way points should be to get what I'm after. I know about this page, ... irections/, but it glosses over the bit I'm asking about.



  • I've now got and used the Edge 200. OK, waypoints, at least with, don't make the difference I was going on about - they make no difference to the prompts which the device comes out with. So they're irrelevant.

    When using, and exporting the route as a TCX file, it basically works pretty well. But the turn prompts are a little on the random side so far as what kind of turn they're talking about. Sometimes a turn prompt occurs on a corner (where the road just bends), sometimes on a proper turning (where you go from one road to another), sometimes no prompt on a proper turning, sometimes a prompt on a straight road for no apparent reason.

    Is there a way to get the prompts strictly only for proper turnings (where it goes from one road to another) and no other types of turnings (like corners in the same road)? I guess this is a issue, not the Garmin?

    (I tried using ridewithgps's forum but it wouldn't recognise my email and password for the forum section, even though I can logon to the ridewithgps main part fine, so wasn't able to post anything there.)
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    Bikeroutetoaster is the other one that does waypoint prompts, but to be honest it has been a little while since I looked into it - I'm pretty well accustomed to just following the breadcrumb trail and making course corrections as necessary.

    I seem to recall one of them gives you roadnames, and lets you set the turn prompts to appear a certain distance before the actual junctions.