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Specialized Tarmac 2015 or Pina Razha 2014?

kammybearkammybear Posts: 500
edited September 2014 in Road buying advice
I know components can be changed so not too fussed on that bit as I'll be looking to move up to ultegra slowly.

Specifically, which frame will be better? The 2015 Tarmac is supposed to be all new but is the frame as good as the Pina which has those fancy waves?

It's shame neither share the weights of their bikes :roll:

The Pina is 1699 on sale with 105 and Tiagra while the Tarmac is 1500 with 105...


  • Can't comment on the Pinarello as I've never ridden one but I do own a Tarmac SL$ and it's lovely. Very comfortable over the longer distances and rougher road so I never feel "beaten up" after 4 or 5 hours, it's light enough for me, looks good, is very fast in a straight line & downhill, would probably be quick uphill too but that's more down to me than the bike!
  • Im sure the Pinarello will be a decent bike but i wouldnt base the decision based on the frame having fancy waves - they are a marketing gimmick.
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