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What happened to RICHYBOYcp?

1010011010100110 Posts: 17
Hi all

I've been reading through the archives some great posts started by the above user and he states many references to his website "", unfortunately it no longer exists and his user profile has been deleted. :(

Having just got back from the Alps I'm in "training" ready to have a go at the Mount Teide ascent in Tenerife and I was really hoping to ask him some questions as it seems he has done just about every climb there is!

Does anyone know where I can email him or have a copy of his old website that he wouldn't mind sharing for the write ups? (if he is ok with this of course).


PS: I really liked some of the writeups on here of the NY Moors climbs, my parents live that way and I am eager to try some of them out, especially Caper Hill :D
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