Sutton Bank Trail today

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First time we've been, really impressed as it's a bit of a mixed bag sort of trail, all straight forward though apart from a short tricky decent later on but for a 19 mile route (did go off route slightly in the vally) it's a nice quiet ride out, it offers scenic views, moors, bridle paths, fire roads, grassy terrain, sheep paths, some flowing sections and a good fast track down off the moor. Lots short steep climbs oh and gate opening/closing lol.

Some pics ...or maybe just a photo overload!

Voodoos ready for action











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    Sutton Bank bikes are now doing a social ride on a Thursday evening, doing some of the off piste stuff. Been meaning to get over there but work keeps getting in the way.
  • How was the nice descent section it was a bit boggy even in summer months so wondered what it will be like after descent rain fall. It was a bitch of a climb for the last 3 miles or so
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    Is really like to go on the social rides but as usual work gets in the way during the week days so is never make it up there in time.

    Yes it was a bit squishy about a quarter of the way down, only about a tire length though so wasn't too bad, the ranger who we got talking to said it's usually too wet and never really drains and that yesterday should have been ideal for that section, it was rideable anyway but a tad slippery on the rocks.

    Yeah there's a bugger of a hill to climb up on one section, only just managed it without stopping, do you mean hill climb after a sharp left once you are back in the wooded area which leads back to the top track on the hill that leads you back to the visitor centre?

    All good fun though :)
  • Yes is after coming through the village and then you go through a gate onto a fire road type section and this climbs all the way back to the centre
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    Yes is after coming through the village and then you go through a gate onto a fire road type section and this climbs all the way back to the centre

    Arrr yes I know which you mean, it bends slightly to the right half way up before coming to the next gate, husband gave in and walked up!

    I meant another one which is on a narrow trail further up, I was nearly doing wheelies all the way up lol, thank god for granny gears.

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    Yep that's one steep hill..... Think it's called the K2 on strava!! It's not a bad ride, I need to re do it on a nice day, very muddy last week but the social ride sounds intersting!!

    Great pics!!!!