Saracen Ariel 14x 2014 Build

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Got this frame earlier in the month:


Saracen Ariel 14x 2014

Getting headset/forks fitted at LBS Next week, so hopefully should be able to start turning it into something resembling a bike! Pretty much zero information about this frame on the web and I've only managed to find 1 bike built up from the 2014 frame so far.


  • Nice looking frame, keep us updated with the build.
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  • The Ariel looks a tidy bike from what I have seen. Couple of decent reviews about for it - looks a well suited bike for UK riding.

    What forks you putting on?
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  • Going for X-Fusion Slant with the Gold Slick Ano. Just got a call from the bike shop today to say they are in stock, so it's booked in to get them fitted next week. Will get the travel reduced to 150mm at the same time. Got a pair of Slants on my hardtail and found them pretty good, so just sticking with what I know.
  • Got the frame back from the bike shop, with the headset and forks fitted:


    The Goldslick Ano on the forks is pretty close to the Kashima coating on the shock. Also picked up a Hope Hoops rear wheel which I've fitted the cassette to:


    Need to buy bars so I can start putting on brakes etc. Cranks are coming from my hardtail, I've taken them off but they need cleaned and new chainrings put on. Also stealing the front wheel from my hardtail so need to get that off and cleaned up at some point.
  • I really like the look of that frame and the way it's designed. Should be great once it's built up! Would be good to hear how it rides.
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    oxocube1 wrote:
    I really like the look of that frame and the way it's designed. Should be great once it's built up! Would be good to hear how it rides.

    Yup, same here. Always liked these and this looks like it's going to be a really nice build.

    Keep us updated! :)
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  • I want one of these. Very nice frame.
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    Tyres and brake discs on the wheels:


    Got the bars and brakes fitted as well, but not uploaded the photos yet.
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    They're Shimano XT RT76 rotors, was going to get RT86 but the sizes I wanted weren't in stock when I went to buy them.
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    Wheel, brakes and bars fitted now:


    Need to order shifters and mechs next.
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    Save some money and just order one shifter and mech - its the new black/friday depending on your preferred analogy.
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    Yeh, keep swinging between 1x10/2x10. Won't save me all that much because I've already bought 24/38 tooth chainrings and any savings I make on not having front mech/shifter I'll end up spending on a narrow wide chainring anyway. Still might do it and use the chainrings I bought to convert my hardtail to 2x10.
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    Very nice build!

    I had an older version from a mate a while back to service, I actually loved that bike! rode so well!
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    Finally finished this earlier in the week, but been unable to get it out for a ride until today.


    And out and about:


    Final Spec:

    Frame: Saracen Ariel 14x 2014
    Forks: X-Fusion Slant (Goldslick Ano) - 150mm
    Bars: Race Face Atlas (785mm)
    Stem: Truvativ AKA (60mm)
    Headset: FSA Orbit
    Grips: Saracen

    Front Brake: Shimano XT
    Front disc: Shimano XT
    Rear Brake: Shimano XT
    Rear Disc: Shimano XT

    Shifters: Shimano XT 2x10
    Front Mech: Shimano XT
    Rear Mech: Shimano XT Shadow Plus

    Seat: Charge Spoon
    Seat Post: Rockshox Stealth Reverb

    Cranks: Shimano XT (Switched from my other bike)
    Chainring(s): 24 (XT), 38 (SLX)
    Chain: Shimano XT
    Cassette: Shimano XT
    Pedals: DMR V12 Mag (Switched from my other bike)
    Bottom Bracket: Shimano XT

    Front Wheel: (Switched from other bike)
    Rim: Mavic EN521
    Hub: Superstar Switch Evo
    Tube: Continental
    Tire: Continental Mountain King ProTection (2.4)

    Back Wheel: New Hope Hoops
    Rim: Mavic EN521
    Hub: Hope Pro2 Evo
    Tube: Continental
    Tire: Continental Mountain King ProTection (2.4)

    Weight: 14.5kg

    Been out on a 25km ride and the bike seemed really good, not sure about the Charge Spoon saddle, seemed a bit uncomfortable, but I've read it might soften up with use, so will try it for a bit, but might switch it to a WTB off my hardtail. Wide bars were a bit much initially, but by mid ride I didn't really notice them - did smack a finger into a narrow bridge though :) Ride seems pretty similar to my hardtail (Saracen Zen 2012) but will the added smoothness of the rear suspension. Weight is only 700g more than the hardtail which is a similar spec, although slightly less XT components. Really happy with how it turned out.
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    Looks great. Great spec too.
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    Looks really nice, not a bad weight for a 140/150mm bike, some scope there to shed a bit though.....
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