One-year old's first trike?

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I know lots of you are parents here and I'd really appreciate your advice. My little boy will be one next month and his grandparents would like to buy him his first trike. None of us know where to begin looking. I imagine pedals are pointless for him, and I think I'd rather buy him a new bike when he's ready for them, rather than getting something that would keep bashing his ankles. I also really like the idea of something that will take a handle that means we can push him along without wrecking our backs.

Any thoughts hugely welcomed.


  • Tesco plastic thing, about 15 quid with a handle. Blue or Pink.

    My parents bought this for my boy's 1st birthday. He is now two and 4 months but still can't peddle it, whilst his friend can! I was obsessing about bearings and stuff for his balance bike (too much!), but for a trike a simple, basic one will do the job.

    If you plan to use it instead of a pushchair then you might want a better handle and rubber wheels for smoother running, but they can't sleep easily on a trike so we wouldn't use it for that.

    Keep an eye on freecycle as these sorts of things come up as people clear out the clutter.
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    I got my daughter a toddlebike. She loved it:

    No handle and no pushing, but she just got on with zooming round on it...
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    one is a bit young imo let him crawl around plenty, work the guns 8)
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    My boy loved his early learning centre wooden push along trike. it lasted from 1 till 2.5 - a lifetime in toddler toys! ... lt,pd.html

    He's now graduated onto a strider balance bike but it took him a while to like it, being used to the bike standing by itself having to hold his new bike upright threw him for a while, so it collected dust until one day he suddenly decided he wanted to use it.

    Neither have handles unfortunately but I didn't have to do much stooping and pushing only a bit on the trike till he got the idea of it.
  • handles wise - umbrella with a curved handle work fine under the saddle. Wooden balance bike for nephew as soon as he could fit on it turned into a nippy speed demon now he's 3.5 on a isla.
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  • Thanks guys! I was forgetting there's that trike design for little ones. One of them will be perfect and I'll send the links on to my in-laws.