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Aldi Bike Stand

roktrokt Posts: 493
edited November 2015 in Road general
I've just noticed that Aldi is having a bike gear day on Thursday and
I'm thinking of one of the bike storage stand. Does anyone have one
or anything similar that could offer an opinion ?



  • frisbeefrisbee Posts: 691
    I've got one, it's solid, stable and it's nice to be able to work standing up. It's well worth the £30.
  • I bought one during the last bike gear sale and love it. Definitely worth the money.
  • Next Thursday you say? I may have to go grab one!
  • I have one of the Lidl ones. I assume it's the same. It's absolutely cracking. I use it for cleaning the bike constantly.
  • Are you guys talking about the workstand? I think he's talking about the 2 bike storage stand, Aldi haven't got the workstand listed this time around.
  • Woops! My bad. Just had a look, yeah it's a 2 bike storage stand. Looks alright actually. Might save me a bit of earache!
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    I have one of the storage stands. It's pretty good. If your frames are on the large size you might have trouble keeping them out of each others way but it is no big deal. Not exactly a thing of beauty but not a monstrosity either.
    One thing I didn't like was the fairly hard metal of the hooks which could be damaging to paint. I sleeved them with old inner tube offcuts - leave a little sticking out at the end and all is nice, neat and kind to frames!
    Faster than a tent.......
  • father_jackfather_jack Posts: 3,509
    Bought one of these but took it back. censored .

    Wobbly, falls over by itself (you'd think it would be at least sort of stable, and only requiring bolted to the wall as a precation) no it falls over and wobbles so much.

    Metal hooks. Don't bother with i.
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
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