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Oktoberfest in Kennington

RoadPainterRoadPainter Posts: 375
edited September 2014 in Pro race
They played 'schatje mag ik je foto'...

I lifted a bench over my head and danced like a crazed Dutchman.
Their heavies threatened to throw me out. WTF?

Heb je ein foto vor mei?

Ludicrously expensive, don't go!


  • ocdupalaisocdupalais Posts: 4,081
    No worries, RP - I make a point of not drinking anywhere they don't let me wave a bench above my head and dance like I'm Dutch...

    This is the sort of European nonsense Farage has been banging on about. Let's hope the Scots have the sense to either stay out of it or get with it, or something...
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