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Self administered cycle to work scheme help.

smbmsmbm Posts: 37
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Apologies if this in the wrong place.

Does anyone know of a how to guide to setting up your own internal cycle to work scheme?

My boss has agreed in principal that there is money that can be allocated. As I'm likely the only person who will want to take advantage I need to set it up and administer it myself.

If anyone is an expert it would be handy if they could PM me. I have a couple of specifics I need advice on.

Many thanks in advance.



  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    Suggest you have a read through this document if you haven't already done so:- ... idance.pdf

    Just a quick scan seems to suggest that the initial set up must be initiated by the Company and not by an individual. After that is done it could then be delegated to you to manage the running I suppose but there are several issues that need addressing first - like the "salary plus" approach or the salary sacrifice option.

    There might be others out there who have more direct experience so hopefully one or more of them will chip in.
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