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Velothon Wales @ £47 - Should I?

crakercraker Posts: 1,739
Bah humbug, work colleague has signed up this morning. 20% for early discount and still £47 for a 120Km ride.

Dunno if I can justify it tbh.

'Closed Roads' says my mate. And why is there a £3 booking fee?


  • I've entered this morning. Although it's a lot of money it's cheaper than other closed road events (Etape Caledonia was around £65).

    It is still 9 months away so when you actually ride it you probably won't remember having spent the money.
  • Did you guys get the second email, had the first but still waiting for the one to come with the link and the code?
  • peatpeat Posts: 1,242
    Mine only 10mins ago. All signed up and ready to roll.

    The way i look at it, it'll work out alot cheaper than RL100 and has better scenery.
  • OK, must be on its way.
    Yes as I live in Newport anyway, it makes a lot more sense to do this than Ride London, not sure about Dragon ride now though as its the week before.
  • peatpeat Posts: 1,242
    Do the Dragon and Velothon will be a doddle.
  • Yes, I thought that, did the Dragon a few years ago and enjoyed it so will probably give both ago this year.
  • OK in now....
  • crakercraker Posts: 1,739
    Looks like the 20% discount places are gone now. They wanted £58 out of me so I closed the browser instead of confirming. Hey ho...
  • AnonymousAnonymous Posts: 79,667
    Its a new event so who really knows if its worth doing.
    Guessing you are not a BC member as it was £44 if you were.

    Got to admit that as these prices get near £60 they become a lot less attractive than £40 ish.

    I do like the fact its just an entry fee and you are in though, rather than ballot and fund raising.
    Guessing it could go that way in future years as it has fundraising options already.
    Assuming some of the £58 goes to charity if the charity entries are £30?

    I did a small duathlon last weekend that cost £25. Very well organised I thought. Run was off road (so may have had costs involved) but cycle was on open roads (so free).
    Got a nice (one that I will actually wear) t-shirt and a medal (wife got medal and trophy :oops: ).
    I thought the cost was OK and kind of expect a much bigger event with closed roads and hopefully a bigger goodie bag to cost at least double.
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