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Not sure if this is the right category to post this but here goes...

Recently moved into a new house, it's only a terrace with a small patio at the back.

Since moving in my bike has been living in the kitchen, although I want it to stay there the girlfriend obviously isn't too happy about it and keeps nagging me to put it outside.

My argument is that I will need to buy a bike store for outside and leaving it outside will expose it to the weather, damp.. rust etc... and also possible theft.

Just wandering if anyone else is in a similar predicament and if you could recommend any decent bike storage containers that don't break the bank.

Also am I right in thinking that leaving my bike (£2k Canyon) outside will expose it to rust etc?

Please give me some ammunition to throw at the mrs when she starts moaning as ideally I'd like to keep it inside..

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  • Convert the kitchen into a bike room, buy a BBQ, keep you bike in the bike room.

    The other option is to store it indoors, with the wheels taken off. At least it takes up less space (or at least appears smaller).
  • haha... I wanted to put it on the wall but she's having none of that lol
    Canyon Ultimate CF SL 9.0
  • Having just had a £400 bike stolen whilst locked up inside a shed, I don't think I'd fancy leaving a £2k bike outside anywhere. My advice is to get a new girlfriend, one who understands..... (that's a joke...unless she has other faults and you were in two minds anyway....then its worth considering :wink: )

    My bike is currently in my kitchen, have to admit its driving me mad, because it is in the way, but I'm reluctant to put it in the shed at the moment... taking off the wheels does help 'minimise' it though.
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    A bike left outside will corrode much faster than one left inside. Even if it's in a shed pretected from rain, the wide temperature variation alone will cause condensation, with resultant corrosion.

    Bicycles are to cycling as shoes are to walking, so ask her if she would be happy leaving her shoes outside in a shed.
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    Logically thinking, carbon, aluminum, rubber, etc., don't rust although aluminium corrodes, but it can take a while. It really comes down to security. A decent bike cover (there are some good motorbike ones) will keep the worst of the weather off and keep the bike out of sight...but I would also invest in a bloody good anchor bolt and chain, in fact just like a motorbike one.

    A £2k bike and you are looking for a cheap solution, mmm!
  • See if you can find a corner for a vertical wall hanger, or you could put a longer attic/loft hatch in (fitted one at a friends a few years ago) that way it's inside but less in the way.
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  • There is no such thing as a house too small to keep a bike in. Hoist it up to the ceiling, take the wheels off, put it under the bed, make a frame and call it modern art or whatever........

    Anyone who allows their other half to call the shots on stuff like this is clearly unaware of the rules of cycling.

    Of course, the other option is to lock it in your car overnight.

    We are fortunate to have a large games room with a snooker table. I can tell you from personal experience that owning a table does not guarantee you can outperform Ronnie. I have covered the snooker table with a large piece of chipboard and now use it as a bench for bike tools and wheels. The bikes are in front of the dart board as that is also covered up as I kept on missing it.

    The spectator seating (an old sofa) has now been ditched as well. You have to have somewhere to put the Wattbike!
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    Is the snooker table for sale?
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    The frame won't rot but your transmission will definitely show the effects of being outside very quickly if it isn't sheltered.

    If I were in your shoes, I'd remove some of the patio slabs, dig a deep-ish hole, fill it with concrete and install a ground anchor into the concrete. And then build a lockable box around it; either on of the flat-pack jobs or my own timber construction.

    It won't be a particularly cheap project though. Expect to spend a few hundred, once you've included a suitable chain and anchor.
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  • Just get an Asgard shed. They're not cheap, but they are very good - especially when combined with a ground anchor.
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    Wire the bike frame to the mains.

    This one's cheap, only £460 !!


    They have even parked a bike in it for you!
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    Inside .. no arguments.. price of a f)ckin shed buys you another bike
  • I keep my best bike in the house - well I keep my best bike and my former best bike inside - the rest go in the garage. I'd be willing to keep it in a decent shed - something secure and dry - but I'd be very wary about who knows you've got a 2k bike in a shed because there are plenty of people who would relieve you of your problem of where to store it.
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