Training for xc races

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I entered my local xc racing series for the first time this year and didnt do too bad considering it was my first experience of racing. I plan on entering next years series but I want to improve. climbing is my main downfall as I am pretty much up there with the top lads on times for descents etc.

Any advice on how I can improve fitness and endurance. Or can you point me to any free training plans.


  • njee20
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    Do more climbing! What level are you at? Are we saying middle of open, or top 5 in expert?
  • WindyG
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    My climbing used to be really poor so I just kept hitting any climb I could find and repeating it, both off road and on my road bike, I didn't bother with any training plans, the more you do the better you will get. Also lost some weight myself which made a big difference. I've now got good at climbing now and can make big gains in races.