Legend vs De Rosa vs Viner

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I am looking for a new medium-level carbon road bike.
I had the chance to do some test rides on rented Viner bikes (Perfecta, Gladium) and they were fantastic. I contacted Viner for their current lineup, but I am still awaiting an answer. I know that Marco builds frames for Viner and Legend. Also, a local bike dealer sells De Rosa and has great expertise on this brand. This explains my choice of brands.

I am now looking into buying a new road bike and i am looking for a similar quality as the Viners. My questions are:
- which brand do you recommend? (Viner, Legend, De Rosa)
- which frame model would you recommend: I want to use it for training and intensive touring (3-4 days a week, ± 250 km / week, not for competition)

I was looking into a Legend 7.5, or a De Rosa Idol or Superking. If the finished bikes turn out to cost more than ± € 3500, I will look at a Legend 4.7 or 5.7 or a De Rosa Planet. Are these models still within my range of expected quality?

My questions is specifically about the frames, other parts are not to be considered yet!


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    De Rosa Idol in 'Red Devil' looks stunning as does does the 'Neon Blue' Planet, I'm not a fan of the kinked frame on the Superking myself but I'm sure it rides very well. I love my 838 and would by another De Rosa without hesitation.
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  • You're not going to go far wrong with any of them, but Legend frames are beautiful.

    Not considered looking into some German tech - Storck?