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Continental GP 4 Seasons width

mickyjmickyj Posts: 26
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I have previously run GP4 Seasons 23mm but for this summer used GP4000S 25mm with my Mavic Aksium wheelset. The wider width has transformed my Cube Peloton making it noticeably smoother and less tiring to ride over longer distances. I know the 4 Seasons come up a bit narrow so I am wondering whether 25 mm or 28 mm would be the closest in feel to my 25mm GP4000s. If anyone could shed some light on this for me I would be grateful.


  • I don't know the exact numbers but yeah the GP4S do come up narrow compared with GP4000S.

    Especially since the GP4S fit under my brake calipers mudgard attachment but the GP4000S did not!

    I'm thinking of getting some cruds this year and running 25mm GP4S as they'd only be about 1mm bigger than my 23mm GP4000S
  • I used cruds last winter with my 23mm GP4S but found there wasn't enough clearance under the front brake so could only use the rear. I am looking at the SKS Raceblade (short version) for this winter but am not sure if I need to go for the 23-32 mm or whether I can get away with the 18-23 mm.
  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    GP 4 Seasons are one of the only Conti tyres that run true to size.
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  • My GP4S 25mm are.............25mm!
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  • Many thanks, thought I had previously read they came up narrow.
  • My GP4S 28mm are.............26mm!
  • I recently put some Michelin Pro 4 Service Course tyres on my bike. There are nominally 25mm and are spot on height wise but 27mm wide when fitted to my Shimano RS20 wheels. Bit of an issue under my Crud Racers whereas the previous Rubino Pro Tech 25mm fitted fine.
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  • Conti GP4000s on narrow rims run ture to size for 25mm anyway. On wider rims the 4 seasons 25 ans 28mm tyres run true to size. That would mean new wheels though. On narrow rim the 28mm tyre comes up at 26mm and the 25 comes up at 24.5mm (narrow = 15mm internal width) -wheel building and other stuff.
  • J90J90 Posts: 46
    23s are old hat. 25mm has proven to be the better size. Some studies can prove that 28mm is quicker rolling even.
  • 28mm tyres on 19mm or 20mm wide rims squirm a bit come up narrow and and no as aerodymanic so any rolling resistance gain is out weighed. The 25mm tyre on narrow rims are a good balance stick to those. -wheel building and other stuff.
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