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Cassette/Hub Spacer

benmitchell423benmitchell423 Posts: 29
edited September 2014 in Road buying advice
Hi guys.

I have some new wheels and need advice on what spacer I need to get and fit for my cassette.

The hub is a Novatech 172 and I currently have and run 2300 (8spd) on my defy 4. So can anyone inform me as to the spacer required?


  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    Are your new Novatech hubbed wheels for 11-speed cassettes? If so they should (may?) have been provided with a spacer (2.3mm I think) that allows you to run 8, 9 and 10 speed cassettes. In which case just use that spacer with your 8 speed cassette.

    If the hubs are for 8,9 and 10 speed cassettes then as far as I recall you can run 8 and 9 speed cassettes without a spacer. There may be a very narrow spacer (1mm) which is there to allow you to run 10-speed cassettes as these are narrower than the 8 and 9 speed ones.

    Hope this helps but others may be along to confirm or refute my logic :roll:
  • Hi arlo,

    Thanks for your help. They are the 8,9,10 hubs so I should be good to go as is hopefully.

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