Ritchey road logic vs condor acacciao vs equilibrium 853

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So after thinking it through I've now decided to stick to steel as my new frame, I'm currently riding a standard equilibrium which I like but would like to up grade. This will be my only bike (apart from my single speed) any views on these especially the Ritchey and the condor. Bike will be ridden all year for club runs and the like, I don't race but ride pretty hard when out with the club. I'm looking to switch my current group and h plus tp18 hoops.
I've seen a condor 2nd hand which fits but also the Ritchey is good value at the mo.


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    Whats the best price on the Ritchey? I looked at all of these and this is what I thought at the time;

    Ritchey looked good and was a bit different but I could not decide on a 54 or 56 due to the geo. There is a forum member on here who really rates his.

    Condor - I went to see one on the shop and liked it but did not love it. By the time you add on the extras its not cheap and I don't think you know what tube set you are buying but may be wrong on this.

    Genesis just did not really inspire me as the steel fork was a turn off so looked at Volare instead but did not really like that either!

    Do you know that there are a number of Genesis bikes about to come out with carbon forks for disc brakes?

    Out of those listed I would go for the Ritchey if it fits or save a bit more and get a Rourke 853 custom.
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    I'm building a ritchey as we speak. The frame is gorgeous it's being build with 11 speed ultegra and h plus sons with durace hubs and I know Grill on here rates his very highly . I know halfords are doing them and you maybe able to get 20% off using the BC discount and vouchers
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    I have the Ritchey. Awesome rig.
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  • Buy the one that fits the bests all three are good.
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  • I really like the idea of the Ritchey. There's a great write up of it in Cyclist this month. Sorry to hyjack, but does anyone know how well it would suit all year round duties? I know it doesn't come with mudguard eyelets, but is there clearance for the likes of cruds?

    It's not steel, but another option for a do all bike - Mosquito were selling the Equilibrium ti framesets for less than a grand.
  • I liked my Condor Acciaio but didn't love it. I do love my Condor Bivio X mind.

    Some of my lack of love may be down to me finding it too small.

    So, now, I'm building up a 55cm Road Logic.

    I have to say, despite being grey, where my Condor was "celeste" it looks absolutely sensational in the flesh. I also prefer the fact that the forks are the same colour as the frame.

    I can't comment, yet, on how it rides. But I do find myself looking at it, a lot.

    If you are after a second hand acciaio (52) mine is in the classifieds.
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    bender did you go from a 52 acciaio to a 55 ritchey? that seems like a big jump
  • It is, but my fear was that the 53 ritchey would still be too small. I already ride a 55 condor bivio.

    All seems fine so far. Not quite built yet but slammed stem better aesthetically and reach etc seem fine
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  • Excatly buy the right size if your are not sure get measured and a print out of the fit. I will not cost much, hell of alot cheaper than buyin the wrong size and then having to get another frame later.
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