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Fork Upgrade Advice Please

ginguskahnginguskahn Posts: 3
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Hello all, long time rider first time poster :D

I have a 2008 Giant Yukon (as reviewed here: ... -08-28703/) that I bought new in 2009 and love to bits, however the Giant website no longer lists any detail (just a picture for the bike) and while I have basic knowlage of bike maintanece and can do most upkeep myself, I've not attempted any upgrades (well, I swapped the pedals) myself.

Recently I had brown gunk leaking from my fork (Suntour XCM 100mm) and long story short I took it all apart, cleaned it up (some slight rust on the steerer tube), greased and all is well again. I was quite proud of myself and since then have been looking into a front fork upgrade. However the lack of detailed info on the bike has left me slightly confused, also I don't have a huge amount of money to invest.

With that in mind would anyone be able to tell me if this fork would be compatible with my bike? ... -prod90497

Seems to be a good combination of cheap and light that appeals to me. I mainly ride trails and roads, no big jumps ;) The Suntour is apparently quite heavy and basic.

Also any other advice for a first time fork upgrader like myself? I believe I may have to cut the steerer tube to size but that shouldn't be a problem, I'm decent enough at metal work.

Many thanks for reading!! :)


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