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Pontcysyllte Aqueduct Challenge - 2015?

stanthomasstanthomas Posts: 265
The folk at Froncysyllte Community Centre have asked me if there's any prospect of running this ride again. With the Etape Cymru attracting attention to the area, 2015 might be right for a comeback.
    A real route climbing 3000 metres over 170 km (rather than a zig-zag around Ruabon Mountain).
    Starts at a World Heritage Site (Telford's Adqueduct).
    Takes in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Vale of Clwyd), a National Park (Snowdonia) and three lakes (Brenig, Bala, Celyn).
    Reasonable entry fee of £20 (t.b.c.). Sign-on the day before or in the morning.
    Last Sunday in May (Marmotte / Etape training).
    Three food/water stops plus the finish at the Froncysyllte Community Centre. Fully signed route. Electronic timing with results online.
    Benefits local communities (Froncysyllte, Ruthin, Carrog).

    No closed roads but uses lightly trafficked lanes (and the Froncysyllte villagers might, rather naughtily stop, the traffic on the A5 for you).

    So what does the Bike Radar forum think? Is this a goer?


    • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
      Did this a few years ago when you used to run it Stan and it's a great ride - one of my best days out on a bike - have revisited several times! I would recommend anyone to do it- the climb up from Ysbyty Ifan is stunning on a nice day. Go for it.
    • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
      I did the last one and it was awesome yet brutal. We really enjoyed it - thanks for organising !

      I'd definitely be interested in it. It is a much much harder ride than the Etape. Thats the way I recall it anyway,
    • A group of 10 from our club had a weekend in Bala earlier this year, and did some of the route. 4 of our lads regularly do the Etape Cymru also, so there'd be definite interest if you resurrect this looks great.
    • Sounds good to me!
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      ex-Team Cycling Plus 2011
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    • I'm in !! I think I'd also get 6-7 from the club, who are from this area into it too! 8)
    • Thanks for your comments. It's clear that to be successful, these things need to be an *event*, something more than a nice route with a cup of tea at the end. I'll discuss it with the community centre and see what sort of local support we can come up with.
    • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
      I'm still having nightmares about that first climb....

      Bring it on !
    • pdstsppdstsp Posts: 1,264
      cougie wrote:
      I'm still having nightmares about that first climb....

      Bring it on !

      I'd forgotten that first climb - that's the bit I never revisit! Is it Gospel Hill or Chapel Hill or something? I remember asking for God's help anyway to get up it - it comes after about 1/2 mile if I remember correctly?
    • Yes please. End of May works well for me. Hope to bring a few more from this area as well.
    • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
      Some religious name on that hill. Yep. Right at the start. At least you can't complain you're cold after that !
    • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
      Just bouncing this back up - People will be planning their season now ? Is it on for 31st May ?
    • Short answer: probably not in 2015.

      Longer answer:
      I want to run this ride as a collaboration with the communities along the route. Froncysyllte is the most obvious and most enthusiastic but I am waiting for others to move from expressions of interest to firm commitments. I want the villages we pass thru to participate in and take ownership of the event. This is not some altruistic ideal but a pragmatic approach that I hope will make for a better, more sustainable event in general and specifically address annoyance felt by local residents and disruption, such as removal of route signage, that has hit other events.
      I designed the route and character of the event to be one I would like to ride and it has always been my goal to hand over the running once it was established. Proceeds to be divided amongst the clubs, community centres etc. who provide the facilities and resources on the day (I'll pay my entry like everyone else).
      We have the UK's best roads and best scenery here in North Wales and I do hope this ride can be resurrected. I'll keep you posted on progress.
    • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
      Ah thats a pity. I'd think you could do minimal signage seeing as a lot of people now use GPS enabled bike computers ?

      I do remember last time being a cracking day out . Good luck with the next one.
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