Fizik Versus versus Versus X (Aliante etc)

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The whole point of this post, of course, is to use 'versus' 3 times in a row :)

Apart from that, and taking it as read that the only way to choose a bike saddle is to test it yourself, just curious if anyone has tried and compared the Versus and the VS X ranges from Fizik? I'm thinking about an Aliante - the VS and VSX versions look pretty similar, but the VS X has a deeper relief zone with rather more abrupt transitions to the groove (and also costs more).


  • norvernrob
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    I bought an Antares VSX with the deep channel. The padding looks really thick but I found it really uncomfortable and sold it after a couple of hundred miles.
  • J90
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    Other people's views on saddles really don't matter. You'd have to try them yourself really. Do you have a Fizik dealer nearby? I've just discovered I have one quite close by, so happy (they should really advertise it better). I might actually be truly happy with a saddle soon!