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Disc Brake keeps sticking on!

jamiestonejamiestone Posts: 6
edited September 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Good afternoon

I fitted Clarks Skeletal hydraulic disc brakes just before the summer and have been fine up until a couple of weeks ago.
The rear brake stuck on a few weeks ago, not fully on, just enough resistance to stop to the wheel spinning and making it hard work to pedal.

I looked at a Youtube video where it advised to remove the wheel and using a flat head screw driver and push the pads back into the housing. This worked but then after two rides it's done the same thing.

Is the calliper faulty? Any ideas on what to do?

Many thanks in advance


  • normally there's a spring between the pads - is it ok?

    might need to pop the pistons out a little and clean them - i use car brake cleaner to clean
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