Cube Agree GTC Pro Compact Road Bike 2014

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Apologies in advance for posting another 'what road bike' post.

I have been looking at upgrades from my current Giant Defy 1 road bike and I have come across the Cube Agree GTC Pro Compact Road Bike 2014 on sale at Leisure Lakes for £1189. The deal looks brilliant with full 105 and carbon frame, it also looks very nice in my opinion.

However, my current Defy is a relaxed geometry which is ideal for longer endurance rides and sportives. This is what I would like to continue doing, would anyone be able to tell me if the Agree GTC fits into an endurance bike and should this be the bike I should go for if I intend to do longer rides?

Many thanks in advance!


  • Just out of interest, wouldnt you be better off getting the 2015 model for a tenner more or am i not reading it right?
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    If you compare the geometries of the two bikes Medium (50cm) Defy and 53cm Cube, the cube has a shorter head tube length at 130mm plus not may spacers under the stem, unless it is slammed for the photo's on their website, so more of an aggressive race geometry, than endurance like the Defy with it's 165mm head tube.

    According to their website it is comes under their road race range, can't you go and try the bike at a shop?

    Edit, just noticed that the 56cm cube, 145mm head tube, is closer to the medium Defy, so you may find the front end drop not to bad. Would depend on how you have your bars set up on your Defy