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buzzeroobuzzeroo Posts: 9
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I've just found out this afternoon that my Wife has signed me up for this Event, ive been on the website and trawled you tube to try and get some info on this, the searches have basically thrown up several websites and the end result has landed me here so unfortunately i'm here, so any info from any one who's done it would be greatly apreciated.

I'm pretty sure i can nip off the 20K ride but not sure my legs will carry me over the full 50K loop.

The good news if there is any ? its an old fashioned event and not the modern style of ENDURO so thats a relief, i've got no bright coloured clothing and i'm not that good.

i'm going to visit CYB this comming weekend to see how i get on with the beast ? how long does it take you guys to get round the beast, any / all info gratefully appreciated.



  • duskdusk Posts: 583
    Think I did it in three hours doing the shortcut but including a few stops to fix mechanicals, I would say under three hours is realistic if you're fit
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  • I managed it in just under 3 1/2 Hours, with the loop out past the cafe, and an extra section that spat me out on the Blue as i missed the left up the massive climb up to Brutus, so i switched back and re traced my steps, it turns out that the sign isnt that visible and is slightly off set ?

    A big ride, enjoyable and for a trail Centre some of the sections were pretty cheeky, one of the open sections out of the trees was fast with some decent sized drops that could be rolled but were still very natural.
    Looking forward to the 5th Oct now to see if thats going to be do-able, its got another 2K feet of climbing on top of the gain that the Beast has so thats going to take its toll.

    Ouch !!!!!
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