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What to do?

Antm81Antm81 Posts: 1,406
edited September 2014 in MTB general
Put my old trance up for sale on ebay 4 weeks ago as buy it now or best offer for a little bit more than I saw the same bike with a lower spec sell for. Originally I planned to sell the trance then purchase a cheaper hardtail for family rides and some winter use.

I've had a few low offers the first week but since then just some sporadic interest and I've now run out of free relists.

Started thinking about splitting the bike and selling separately and then started thinking about a hardtail build using the parts off the trance. Originally looked at a BFe (gloss green is currently just under £300) and now tempted by a 456 (I can get the frame for £150 new right now).

What would you guys do? Persevere with selling the trance whole, split it and put up with the hassle of shipping lots of items when I work away during the week, swap the frame for a BFe, or swap the frame for the 456?



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