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Blythe back in the top flight.

napoleondnapoleond Posts: 5,990
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Announced today he's signed for OGE.

Hope he performs well :)
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  • Good move & great to see him back
    Pain hurts much less if its topped off with beating your mates to top of a climb.
  • EKIMIKEEKIMIKE Posts: 2,232
    I've been impressed with OGE's recent strategy of recruiting and backing of young, talented riders. Backing Chaves was a courageous move and the way they've handled the Yates bro's has been admirable.

    If Blythe can emulate those three then that's a brilliant move for him and OGE. Even if he finds a niche as a respectable young classics strong-man (I'm thinking a similar path to Jens Keukeleire) then that's great because in that team there is room for him to grow as he enters his prime.
  • rick_chaseyrick_chasey Posts: 64,427 Lives Here
    Needs to stop being such a primadonna.
  • they have lots of second rate sprinters and Caleb Ewan who could be a top sprinter in a few years, I don't really know what kind of a rider Blythe is, could he be more of a classics rider than a sprinter as he probably isn't going to be up there with cav, kittle etc
  • jscljscl Posts: 1,015
    Needs to stop being such a primadonna.
    It's this which meant he had to take a step down last time. I have no time for the guy personally, I hope he can make this one stick and focus himself. He seems to have done that in the last 12 months (likely to secure a WT Team place).
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  • ProssPross Posts: 34,100
    Needs to stop being such a primadonna.

    He's been seen as a bit of a chav in the past but now he's on an Aussie team he'll be thought of as the sophisticated team member.
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