Account password reset doesn't allow login

I don't know if this is related to the server migration, but for various reasons I had to clear out my browser cache, cookies, etc the other day and as a consequence when I brought up the bike radar forum, it asked me to log in (I have it set to auto login). Well I'd seemed to have forgotten my password so I reset it and I got the activation email which I clicked on. However when I log in using the temporary password, it just sits there. I've tried this several times over a couple of days now as initially I just put it down the the vagaries of the new servers.

The site says if you have problems them to contact the board admin but how do you do this without having being logged in ? It may well be obvious but it wasn't to me so I've created another account as I couldn't see any other way round this. Can someone sort out my old account (dsoutar) and then get rid of this one please ?



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