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Cannondale R500 CAAD4

ne0skne0sk Posts: 39
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I bought this recently with the intention of using it as a winter bike rather than my Cube Litening. Following a change of pretty much the entire groupset, only the chainset and BB remain as well as bars, stem and seatpost I've had three rides and absolutely love it!

A 2002 model as built now actually weighs a little less than my carbon Cube. Rather surprised at that, perhaps I shouldn't be?

CAAD4 frame with Slice Prodigy carbon fork
Cannndale C3/4 bars, stem and seatpost
105 10 speed groupset 11-28 cassette
Cannondale Chianset -39/53
Shimano R500 wheels with Conti gatorskins
105 pedals
BBB bar tape
Weighs approx 9kg but my bathroom scales can't be described as accurate!


  • Love it, without fail every time I see one of the old CAADs I end up browsing forums and then on to eBay hoping that there will be one in my size, how does it ride?
  • ne0skne0sk Posts: 39

    eBay was indeed my source. The Tiagra sifters and mechs were very loose and probably wouldn't have lasted so I upgraded to 105 and put modern Cannondale components on. The brakes were rusted too and barely worked.

    I've done 160km on it since last Saturday (easing back into riding following an operation) and ave to say it's a delight to ride. Find myself walking past the Cube in my hallway to this one.......

    I had a problem with the mech hanger, the bolt had threaded and the replacement came with metric sized bolts rather than the old English size. Just gently drilled out the holes to take the slightly larger new bolts. I asked for advice on this on the forum and some comments back were the frame does dent easily and there is a lot of flex around the BB.

    So far so good though. I'll use this now until spring next year, and maybe even sell the Cube.....
  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,426
    That does look very nice.
  • Yes, read about older aluminium frames being flexy after a few years of use. Lots of contradictory opinions on the internet and from my experience with a 1998 Giant TCR not an issue at all. Also have a Principia still to build, but will get my hands on one of these eventually. Enjoy your new "best" bike
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