Shimano Dura Ace 9000 C24

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Are these the best all round wheels for c£600?

I like the quality hubs, and relatively low spoke count (I'm 70kg). I don't need rims deeper than these.

Is anyone riding anything they feel is better at around this price point?

Any advice or suggestions gratefully received

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  • northpole
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    With that Colnago listing in your footer you may also want to consider Fulcrum Racing Zeros or Campy Shamal Ultras (different spoke configuration, otherwise I think they are identical). I rate the Zero's very highly and would probably pick them ahead of DA. Main point to note however, is that they are considerably stiffer which, on some frames, can be a bit much. If there is a big price gap, the DA are superb wheels whose hubs just keep working faultlessly for years (that's my experience of the previous generation).

  • mfin
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    My experience of DA C24 vs Shamal Ultra on two different frames is that the DA's ride more harshly (in road buzz terms), but I don't know if the C24's have really changed since I had them. I got rid of my DAs for Shamals and never looked back, better ride, stiff, about the same weight as each other. Shamals you can normally get for £600.
  • I rate the DA C24 higher than the Shamal/Zero twins in my most recent evaluation of them (this month). I found the DA C24 ride/handling/compliance better and more comfortable and the DA hub superior. Braking, weight, aero (or lack thereof), crosswind performance, price all similar (Zero about £100 more). Personally (68kg) found the Shamal stiffer (side to side) but ride a bit harsh (up and down compliance). But, as you can see from differences expressed by mfin, northpole and in my own take, it depends on the rider (weight and leg strength) and bike (race vs. endurance) combination to know whether you feel wheel is too stiff and harsh or not stiff enough and compliant. I would think a heavier/stronger rider on a race bike might prefer the Shamal - stiffer and not be bothered by the harshness/prefers the road feel, whereas a lighter, endurance bike rider would find the DA 24 plenty stiff enough and comfortable. Best if you could ride them both on the bike you'd use them with.
  • Buttery smooth due to carbon rims, I'm 85kg and no problems , very light responsive and good rolling and still true, also tubeless compatible