hubs for winter wheels

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Wheel building gurus out there, what are best hubs for building a set of 11 speed shimano winter training wheels?

Hubs I see recommended include Miche Primato? Novatec 171/2, Shimano Ultegra, Hope Mono RS. Are they all much the same or do they have various pros/cons? The only difference I know of is that Ultegra are cup/cone so if not serviced the hub can be damaged beyond repair...

Rim will probably be an Archetype.



  • k-dog
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    I like the Shimano ones because you can service them - it's not hard and they last well. Saying that my winter SS has Novatec cartridge hubs and I haven't touched them ever and they are still smooth.
    I'm left handed, if that matters.
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    I prefer Miche Primato, cheap, good, maintenance free.
    When the bearings wear out, easy replaceble.

    Really cheap here; ... =15&models[]=Naven
  • Miche and Shimano ultegra are the choices for me. Novatec's do the job. Winter wheels get dirty and may see alot of crap ultegra money is about all I would spend. -wheel building and other stuff.