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ok now that my old favorite bontrager race lite hardcase in a 23 are no longer available (2 winters no punctures!) does anyone have any other recommendations? thinking of conti gatorskins not interested in scwalbe. cheers all


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    GP4seasons, gatorskins are like hosepipes.
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  • cheers for that but need something a bit cheaper mostly for commuting
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    Depends entirely on your priorities, your budget, the quality of your roads and the material likely to be found on them.

    I would probably skip gatorskins and go for something with better grip and comfort unless you live somewhere that really throws a lot of crap at your tyres. If you haven't had a puncture in 2 winters that's proabbly not a big issue. I've used Continental GP 4 Seasons tyres for 9,000kms or so including two winters and only picked up 2 punctures. I think I had 3 punctures with Gatorskin hardshells in the previous 6,500kms. Both figures are too low to base much on except that neither punctured often.

    However Conti GP 4 seasons are pretty expensive. I think if I was getting winter/training tyres now I'd give Michelin Pro4 Endurance a try. They're cheaper than the 4 Seasons and should give something like the same sort of performance, i.e. much better than Gatorskins.
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    Michelin Pro4 Endurance sounds like a good bet. I like the Pro4 Service Course and if the Endurance are like the SC but a bit harder wearing, go for it.
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  • yes i have pro 4 sc on my summer bike and love em so thats a good option the gatorskins are out then
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    I was curious about the price of the Pro4 Endurance so took a look and the list price appears to be in 4 Seasons territory!
    I thought they were cheaper.
    However Wiggle currently has them heavily discounted: ... road-tyre/
  • I used Pro4 End commuting all last winter and they wear a little better than 4000s I used in previis years but don't feel quite as smooth. For me the level of difference is -

    if I would pay £60 for a pair of 4000s (e.g.) the Pro4 Endu would need to be at most £45 before the downgrade in feel (given the little bit better wear) would seem worth it. To expand the example Vittoria Pave are even further along the scale of better feel worse wear but I won't pay £75 for them and so I pretty much stick with 4000s as acceptable compromise.
  • Vittoria Rubino Pro's in the tech variety if possible. Ride well and very puncture proof.
  • I've always got on with fairly cheap Vittoria Zaffiro Pro's although I will admit they aren't the last word in grip when the rain falls. After reading lots of great things about their tires my next set are going to be some Vredestein Fortezza Senso Xtreme; and with the weather soon to roll in I'm sure that purchase won't be a long time coming.
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    The new bontrager hardcase tyres are available for circa the same price - hopefully they are as reliable (no punctures in 9 years with racelites).
  • ooh i will have a look at those cheers
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    Keep your eyes peeled for an offer - rarely happens but it does happen - and get the Conti 4 Seasons. They're near perfect winter tyres - provided you have mudguards fitted - they chuck up loads of water in the wet.