Rear facing radar for bikes

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I'm not sure if this is a solution looking for a problem, but: ... r-by-ikubu
In comes Backtracker! It tackles this issue using radar to give cyclists a 6th sense. It gives you the speed and distance of rear approaching vehicles from up to 150 yards away. On top of increasing your awareness, it also alerts cars to your presence using an intelligent backlight system.
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    And ears. Pretty effective really.
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  • A auto flashing rear light could be a useful be seen light.

    I'm not sure I believe that a car running into the back is the highest risk, is believable, as far as I'm aware junction and the like are where accidents happen.
  • If you're riding in heavy traffic and aren't shoulder checking and managing the flow of traffic around with road position this wont help stop close passes. If you already do all that you wont need it to let you know who's around but the radar activated rear light might help a little.
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  • I thought it was a stupid idea at first but there are occasions (only occasions) where it might have been useful for me. My old commute (on single track back roads) on windy days it was very difficult to hear cars approaching yet cars were pretty rare so shoulder checking the whole time would literally just be a pain in the neck. That said, for the once a month that it might have helped, I wouldn't have fitted it.
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