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Rockshox rebound adjuster problem

$Dave$$Dave$ Posts: 12
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I just bought a new Rockshox XC 32 Solo Air fork to fit to my second bike and I’m not sure the rebound adjuster is working correctly. Thought I’d quickly test the rebound adjuster, lockout etc to make sure all was working before cutting the steerer and it doesn't seem to operate how I would expect compared with the Rebas (2011ish) I’ve got on another bike. Not sure if it is just different or if it’s bust? So any thoughts would be welcomed.

When the rebound adjuster all the way in (pic 1) it won’t turn at all, which I would expect it would from using the rebas. With the rebound adjuster kind of half way out (pic 2), but still engaged with the fork it turns, and it seems to have an “indexed” like click as I'd expect, but it does this indefinitely in either direction. Whereas the rebas stopped after so many turns. So not sure if it's broken or I'm just being stupid
Also attached is a picture with the adjuster completely removed, doubt this is any help but you never know (pic 3).

Oh and I've looked at the user manual they came with, which tells you about fitting but absolutely nothing about air pressures, rebound setting, lockout etc, usefully.

So any thoughts would be great. Cheers.

Pic 1

Pic 2



  • All it is is an Allen key - make sure it's engaged. Just from fast to slow and will stop at each with clicks on the way.
  • Hi Chunkers. I realise it is just an allen key. The problem (potentially) is that when the adjuster/allen key is all the way in like pic 1 it will not turn at all. Stuck fast. When it is half way attached (pic 2) it will turn, with what seem to be an indexed click, but it does this indefinitely in either direction. I would expect there to be a limit to which you can turn it either way, as there is on the rebas. But it does not appear there is.

    So I'm wondering whether the rebound is broken? But am looking for someone with these forks/similar forks to say yay or nay to whether what I am expecting is wrong, whether I;m doing something wrong, or whether they are indeed bust.
  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    I've said this somewhere before, the rebound adjusters on RS forks can be very stiff from new. If you can't get enough grip to turn it with the knob then use a standard 2.5mm allen-key for more leverage. Once you got it moving it should no longer cause a problem.
  • Thanks warpcow. I did have a search of the forum and the internet in general, but was getting nowhere.

    I'll give that a go. I tried with a 2.5mm allen key yesterday as thought a bit of extra leverage might help, but the key wasn't long enough to engage with the fork and as it was just one idea and I was wary of my usual brute force make things worse approach as the fork is brand new I didn't look for another one.

    I'll see if I can find a longer one and give it a go.
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