Need a new saddle Fisik r3

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Sorry for bad photo...

I have a Fisik r3 Arione Saddle for about a year. I don't think this is normal, Isn't it supposed to be flat? My perineum has started to really hurt the last few weeks. The middle section seems to flex which in turn means the nose is raised.

I race alot and do up to 10 hours training a week. in any one asks what sort of riding I do, seems as thats the first question. Anyway - see image.

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    I'm sure they're all like that, mine looks the same as yours.
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    When I firsk installed my Arione I put the nose the same distance from the bar stem as my previous Selle Italia, what I notcied after a ride or so was that as a result of the longer nose compared to the Selle Italia I was sitting more on the narrow nose rather than the wider rear part of the saddle, I gradually move it forward a little at a time until I felt I was sitting on the right part, I also angled the nose down a couple of degrees. Now I can ride 60 miles + with no discomfort of numbness.
  • I had an Arione from January last year, similar to yours but with the braided rails. It too drooped in the middle over time, it was obvious in comparison with the test saddle in the LBS. Riding the test saddle brought the comfort back which confirmed it. Anyway Fizik (or the distributor) swapped it for a new one under warranty. Of course the new one is a slightly different design to the original...