Rollers - Tacx v Elite v Minoura

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Hi all,

As winter will sneak up on us soon I'm starting to look at a set of rollers for the rainy evenings (night riding I can do, night riding in the pissing rain is a step too far).

I think I'm down to a choice of 3:

The Antares seem to be the common 1 (it's what I often see used on the telly at events, if that's any indication), but I have read in a lot of reviews about the bearings being a bit crap.

The Minoura seems to get a reasonable write up.

Any views/guidance? Is there anything serious in the need for parabolic shaped rollers? The Tacx and Elite are, the Minoura isn't?

Thanks in advance for all views and opinions.

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    After a lot of research I bought some Minoura Moz rollers. Light, fold up super small, very portable. The aluminium rollers are quieter than plastic rollers, and give a much smoother ride. I also bought the clip on resistance unit (ordered through my LBS), which is very easy to fit and essential if you want to do some high intensity work outs.The rollers are about £150 and the resistance unit £65, and together they are all you'll ever need. Say goodbye to your turbo. ... oller.html ... 000-e.html


  • proto
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    PS I started with Tacx Antares, they do the job, but big and bulky, noisy and not a patch on the Minoura in my opinion.

    PPS I think the Minoura resistance unit also fits the Minoura Action rollers if you decide to go that route.
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    Forget the others and get these! ... st-rollers

    Amazing VFM and the resistance works really well and these are very well made. Same as the more expensive Sportscrafter Rollers.

    Or without the resisitance unit..... ... re-rollers
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    I've got the Elite rollers and while they do the job, I wouldn't say they're great. They rumble a fair bit and don't roll that smoothly. They don't have any variable resistance either.
  • The Tacx Antares also has the option of a bracket holding the front forks, meaning you can also use it kinda like a turbo

    Some might not want that option, but it has its merits
  • Got the elites with the variable resistance, actually think they are very good. Pretty quite and love the fact that they force you into the centre of the roller.
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    I've been on a turbo once - which feels pretty stable as your back wheel is attached to the whole gubbins.

    what are rollers like - it looks like a leap of faith that you won't wobble off, but I'm guessing you dont?
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    Rollers feel much more natural, as the gyroscopic effect of your wheels keeps you upright and it mimics actual riding way better than any turbo can. However, they do take a bit of commitment to master, but I managed to be up and running within 5mins. They are less boring than a turbo as you have to concentrate on keeping your balance and they improve your core stability and bike handling skills.

    However, if you come off them clipped-in at speed, they can hurt, you feel very stupid and you end up leaving two tyre burn marks on the carpet. I've never done this......
  • wow - never left tyre marks on the carpet.

    they are daunting to start with but use them in a door frame first and you will be fine - learning to stand is an achievment.
  • Got the elites with the variable resistance, actually think they are very good. Pretty quite and love the fact that they force you into the centre of the roller.

    Me too and even sold my turbo to pay for them, really good set of rollers. IMHO
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