Road bike , which one?

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Im currently a 17 year old teenager in high school and currently have a mountain bike, i enjoy riding however im not a competitive rider , just the weekend rides to city and back sometimes and those long rides once in a while. After a city trip recently i found that the mountain bike i have is just way to heavy for long rides (i will still use it for general local rides). I am buying a road bike for sole purpose of city trips on weekends with some friends and next year i will take part in the peoples ride for 260km called the great ocean ride.

my options are:

Im not professional by any means, as stated im just a fitness rider who rides with friends (we try and be competitive and beat each other - but no stakes). Would you also tell me if the second link is worth it because at this stage im 90% set on it. Sale ends on sat/sun so any feedback prior would be awesome!



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    Your links don't work so I can't see which Osprey or Falco model you're referring to.

    The bikes seem to be own brand - alloy frame with carbon forks. I'd guess they are slightly different geometry so you'd need to ride both and see which fits better.
    Other than that, the difference seems to be in the components.

    TBH, an entry level road bike is perfectly adequate - you'd need to consider saddle, pedals and fit, but it's still a bike and will ride as far as one twice the price. A more expensive bike can be nicer to ride, shift more smoothly and aesthetically look better.

    Have you considered other (more mainstream) brands?

    If you can afford the second then why not?