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Okay, I know there's a few threads on tyres but mines quite specific
First off, they need to be 650b..

I'm currently running Hans Dampfs (Trailstar front, Pacestar rear), I like the setup but just fancy trying some other tyres.

I like the looks of running a Magic Mary on the front in the same compound I used with the Hans Dampfs so will hopefully get the same life out of it.

Not sure about the rear, may stick with the Hans but I was thinking of something with a bit less rolling resistance, suggestions?



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    Also, anyone who has tried the Magic Mary.. what are they like in hardpack conditions?
  • I have them in trailstar compound. Grip is very good regular use on dry/hard trails tears the knobs off. I have never had this on any other tyre before but apparantly it's not uncommon with these.
    They are MASSIVE as well. I would have thought they have more resistance than Hans Dampfs, they are quite draggy.
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    The drag doesn't bother me too much although the knobs tearing off is a bit concerning.. the reviews said the grip is really good and it lasts surprisingly well

    I liked the look of the Der Kasier Projeckt but the mags said they don't least well

    I think it's probably my best option and I'm moving up to Sheffield so it should suit stuff like Wharncliffe

    I like the Hans at the rear but was thinking of trying something that rolls a bit faster and lets me drift the rear a bit, was thinking of trying the new Nobby Nick
  • Do you want to drift the rear or for the tyre to breakaway - drifting is more about body english on the bike, weight forward and letting the rear break free due to lack of weight on it than having a sh*t tyre with no grip and you dont want the back wheel to drift all the time. IMHO.

    Magic Mary's were in use a fair bit at the EWS - grip in dust, loam, mud, roots etc is supposed to be good. The Mary/Hans Dampf combo was on my list to try on the bronson when the HR2's give up. Only downside being that I get a discount on Maxxis so might be a Minion DHF/R or DHF and HR2 instead.
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    I suppose what I'm saying is I don't mind sacrificing a bit of grip for a smoother rolling tyre on the rear

    The Minion DHF was the other I like the look of but it's more expensive than the Mary

    I may go with the Mary/Hans combo, I don't like the look of the rock razor in anything other than dry trails, I suspect it's not great trying to climb on mud or wet rock

    I'd be interested to try the new nobby nick at the back though
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    might also want to consider the Conti Der Kaiser project 2.4
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    yeah I mentioned that above, it looks great and the grip is supposed to be very good but the magazines said it doesn't last well