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Right I have got the bug, it's taken 49yrs but I have fallen in love with cycling. So now I need help and some free advice I'm looking at doing London to Paris next July and I'm looking for a new bike to start training seriously and to complete the ride.
I'm presently 15st 7lb (1st 3lb lost so far thanks to cycling!) and 6ft 2in tall I have a budget of around 3.5k and currently cycle around 3 times a week 20-25 miles a time but increasing gradually.
So over to you! Helpppp!


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    Can we spend all your budget? :D

    Since winter is coming could I suggest a 2.5k bike for the nice days and a 1k winter trainer?

    Do you have extra for clothing etc?
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  • Hi I plan to use my present bike as the trainer which is an Alu synapse tiagra. I already have clothing gps etc.
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    Picking up on what Mr Robot said, how about £1000 on a winter/training bike and not buying a 'best bike' until the spring?

    Have you figured out your route? timeline? are you going to be supported or not? as this will dictate what you need and it would make sense to take time to figure that all out.

    I also plan to do L2P at somepoint in the next year and have in fact just bought a cyclocross bike with this in mind. It'll take a rack, mudguards and the geometry is less aggressive than my road bike. Plus I wanted a winter trainer and this will work for that too. So in a sort of odd way, I'm buying a "not best" bike for longer rides and L2P.

    If you're going to be supported and don't have to carry your gear, then a racy best bike may be ok but I wouldn't want to do it on my one.

    Edit: just seen that you replied re: trainer while I was typing. I still think the above applies, you need to decide what sort of bike you want, sounds like you need at least two more :lol:
  • It will be supported so no need for racks etc. Will be a four day ride with one day at 100 miles
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    Synapse is good as a winter trainer. So, keep that, and figure out what you really want in a bike.

    3.5k is a lot to drop. You could do that now and have the bike inside the week. But, how about something really nice? Steel or Ti for example? Handbuilt wheels?
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  • My problem is I haven't got the knowledge to spec a bike. I know the shifters etc but frames wheels seat posts etc not a clue. And I'm looking for that "all day comfort!"
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    That's cool. To be honest you don't have to know anything. A stock bike at £3.5k will be a wonderful thing. Wheels might be lacking mind. This is a pretty good opportunity to learn about every bit and do something that bit special.
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  • So a cheaper bike and upgrade the wheels?
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    Here are some utterly random examples of really nice and slightly different stuff knocking about under the £3.5k mark. Not necessarily to buy per se, but just as materials to think about.

    Nice Ti ... er-special

    Nice Carbon (with electronic shifting) ... e.tpl.html

    Steel stuff tends to come as frames. So you'd be looking to, for example, use Condor's bike builder to spec something up. Have a play with the Super Acciaio builder. Just add what you think looks nice, for now.
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    Stevep15 wrote:
    So a cheaper bike and upgrade the wheels?

    Can do. So, for example, here's a new Carbon option. £2k leaving massive amounts of wheel money.

    But, equally, there are better value Canyon and Rose bikes out there. Those are definitely worth looking at.

    This is all pretty random for now. It's about you and what you like. Worth getting out there and demoing lots of stuff.
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    If you want all-day comfort then there are various things you want to be looking at like a more relaxed geometry (tall head tube, shorter stem etc) - for sure you should book in for a good bike fit too: The Bike Whisperer is excellent.

    As, in many ways, you're pretty similar to me, I'd recommend taking a look at Volagi. Designed precisely for what you're after, fitted with disc brakes, excellent personal service and available in the UK these days. I've done Ireland End2End, London 2 Edinburgh, and (to prove its climbing and descending credentials) Alpe D'HuZes (6 ascents of Alpe D'Huez in a day). The bike always draws lots of admiring comments and I've never seen another (except for the one my brother bought at my recco. There's a few pale imitations from the bigger companies these days.
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    Big +1 for an Enigma Ti bike. I have the Echo and use it as my main bike for everything except commuting. If you're not after saving every gram the ride and longevity are worth it.
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    How about a carbon Synapse - the 2014 model won Cycling Plus Bike of the Year award, and would suit all your requirements and save you a shed load of cash? ... deo-40347/
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    Cannondale Synapse Tiagra
  • If you want an all-day comfortable bike then most of the manufacturers have some really attractive endurance models. The carbon Synapse gets excellent reviews and looks great, Spesh have the Roubaix, Lapierre have the Sensium and the new Pulsium and Bianchi make some beautiful bikes in your price range. Lots of others available.

    However, my advice is to wait a bit and do some research before dropping a block of money on a bike that might turn out to be not what you wanted. Buyer's remorse is a terrible thing.
  • Trek Domane is meant to be very, very comfortable. Would leave you a good bit of cash to get some nice wheels too.
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    Try this steel beauty for size

    All day comfort and some change for a wheel upgrade if you want it
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    What about the new cannondale synapse carbon with ultrega and disc brakes for 2500 and that leaves you 1000 to upgrade wheels which are lacking for the price but could ale be put on your synapse winter trainer.
  • arlowood wrote:
    Try this steel beauty for size

    All day comfort and some change for a wheel upgrade if you want it

    You can get that frame for £1100 now. £500 for Ultegra, £200 or less for those wheels and £200 for that finishing kit and be well under budget.
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  • I would advise to go used off here or ebay, its more likely you'll be changing kit and things will catch your eye you can't appreciate right now!

    safe to buy and sell used and not loose a lot of wonga in the process..
  • I was in a similar position to you this time last year when I got my Orbea Orca SLi2 in the end of season sale for just over £2k. For that money, it's an excellent bike, and much more comfortable for long rides than it's racey looks suggest. And I love the Di2, but that's probably a whole different thread....

    Back to this one, and when I say "in a similar position to you", I'd guess I was probably 12-18 mths later (after the bug had bitten!). I.e. I knew much more about what I wanted, and was ready to invest big. For example, my initial instinct was to go for a disc brake road bike....glad I didn't! Much happier with my Orca Di2, and a second bike for the days/months that discs make sense. Not saying disc road bikes are bad (again, another thread), just wouldn't have been right for me.

    So my advice is maybe wait a little, and research a lot. There might be some bargains around now, but as someone else mentioned, you won't get much use out of a new "best bike" until Spring anyway.
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  • Thanks for all the advice, I guess I will do more research, and keep looking a bit longer before the plunge!