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Ritchey Logic / Alternatives as a Winter Steed

ck101ck101 Posts: 222
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I have had a Genesis Equilibrium for two years now and fancy a change for winter. Hoping to pick up something that feels lighter, faster and more nimble. I have been considering a few options.

1. Ritchey Logic: I like the look of this one, the Ritchey heritage and the fact it could be a timeless classic. I was planning to run with Race Blade Longs build with Ultegra 11 and Open Pro. I could also see myself using this in the summer months as a main bike.
2. Kinesis 4S: This ticks the box as its more of a racer than the Genesis, also like the tapered head tube and the fact it takes full guards.Because it takes full guards thats what it'll get and will be used purely as a Winter bike.
3. Stick a set of Raceblades Long on my Focus Izalco Pro 3 with Force.

If I go for Option 1 & 2 the Izalco will be sold to fund the project.

Opinions? Other than I have too much time and money, which I don't but always like to have a build on the go :)


  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 28,022
    It's a great looking frame and people rave about it... it's a bit sad that these days top end steel frames are seen as a thing for winter... but hey ho...

    Go for it... although I'd probably go for the Swiss Cross instead, much wider choice of tyres... :wink:
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  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    I'm about to get the ritchey as my summer bike!
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  • ck101ck101 Posts: 222
    I suppose calling the Ritchey a winter bike is a misnomer, it will be used all year round alongside a Carbon bike or two. It will however take the place of my current winter bike. It will serve the place of a winter bike due to it's ability to take 28mm tyres.
  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,684
    I'm getting mine because I feel my Acciaio is too small. I could get another but there's something about the Ritchey. And it's actually pretty good value.

    I was going to hock by entire build but, it looks like I'll be keeping bits so this will be a full SRAM Red build with Fulcrum Racing 3.

    Should be nice enough. Think I'll plump for Ritchey kit, natch, and stick some 28c Schwalbe Zero on.
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