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Another what bike

reg_reg_ Posts: 21
edited August 2014 in Cyclocross

I have had a brief fling with both Boardman CX and Kinesis Pro 6 and am now looking at actually competing in the winter in the local CX league whilst saving my road bike from the worst of the crud.

Looking at the options I cant get past the Plant X XLS. Trouble is I can't find a review that shows what they are like on road tyres and 80 mile rides with a mixture of on/off road. I have read as much as I can and it's at the point now where I need to ride or buy something I guess. Can anyone who has one comment on how they ride as a day to day bike with a bit of racing?

Other options point towards the Condor which looks fabulous but it's going to be way more to build up. Similarly fatbirds have the Pro6 on offer again, or maye buy the frame and build.

More confused now than when I started the post!



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