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Bryton Rider 40 issues

Disco888Disco888 Posts: 3
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I've just joined the forum, so apologise if this in the wrong place. I have just got a Bryton Rider 40 and have a few issues (I'd like to think it was the computer and not me :) ).

When I plugged in the bike computer to my computer it sorted out the drivers but when I go to 'My computer' there is no sign of the cycle computer.

When I go to the Bryton website and try to download the Bridge 2 software it says to choose your device and nothing happens. I have tried looking at the FAQs on there but I just get a blank page.

Am I missing something?

Any help gratefully received, I just want to go ride my bike.



  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,599
    No idea - seems like a rubbish website.

    But you don't actually need a computer to ride your bike.
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  • I know that I don't NEED the computer, but I would like to track my rides especially as I've bought the computer then I expect it to work
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