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trek domane 4.3 disc vs boone 5 Disc (with actual weights)

pilsenerpilsener Posts: 3
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I've been shopping for a new bike for commuting and winter rain riding.

I've narrowed it down to the Domane 4.3 disc and the Boone 5 disc, which are close in price.

In a 56 inch frame, the Domane 4.3 disc is heavier (21.75 lbs) vs the Boone (20.1 lbs).

I find each bike comfortable- the Boone is racier, and feels faster than the Domane. It feels more like riding the Madone. That being said, the Boone is stiffer, and although it's smoother, its nowhere near as smooth as a 6 series Domane.

The Boone's big advantage is the 600 series carbon, internal routed cables and the seat cap. It can take bigger tires and fenders (obviously) but the advantage is not as great as compared to a bike with caliper brakes. On the downside it's more expensive, and it has 105 5700 with Avid BB7 brakes and standard quick release dropouts. I'll have to upgrade the crankset to a 50/34 (it comes with an FSA 46) which will add to the price and I think the lack of through axles may be suboptimal with heavy braking.

The Domane has a better group- 105 5800 (although with 105 5700 crank), which means an easier upgrade to the ultegra hydraulic brakes (if they're ever in stock) and through axles, which should make a big difference to front fork stability and stiffness. On the downside, it's heavy and not as plush.

Is the Boone frame worth the premium, or should I go with a heavier, less exciting, more stable and better equipped low end Domane?


  • Of these 2 bikes I'd go for the Boone no question - it looks a more fun, versatile bike and lighter too. Take a long look at the Whyte Cornwall before buying either Trek though ... /cornwall/
  • dodgydodgy Posts: 2,890
    Surprised the Boone is lighter, given its CX roots.

    FJ put a new bike into the mix, on paper it looks the better choice!
  • thanks for the heads up! the whyte bikes look incredible! Unfortunately I've moved to Vancouver BC and I can't find anywhere that seeks them here. I think I will indeed be getting the boone, since I enjoy the handling so much more.
  • Mike59Mike59 Posts: 1,170
    Take a long look at the Whyte Cornwall before buying either Trek though ... /cornwall/
    Freefall, that Whyte looks just the ticket. I can't see (and it doesn't say) if it has mudguard mounts though. If it does, this will be the winter bike for me I think. 8.6kg is very light.
  • Mike59Mike59 Posts: 1,170
    Sorry. Didn't look hard enough! Says fork has eyelets for guards. :)
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