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First bike advice

kingteebkingteeb Posts: 3
edited August 2014 in Cyclocross
Sorry to post this, I'm sure the community gets sick of people asking similar questions all the time!

I'm new to taking biking more seriously. I've always had bikes, but only ever cheap mountain bikes. I want something that I can at least reasonably comfortably join friends who have road bikes, but will also give me the flexibility to go on trails and is something I can ride hassle free throughout the year. So I have found myself looking into cyclocross bikes. I've been doing a lot of searching around and was just wondering if people could give me some advice on what I can get for £1000 or under. Something I have stumbled across is the All City Macho Man reduced to £999 from £1599. Though I suspect this is maybe a bit inflated anyway? What are peoples opinions of this bike? Does anyone own one? What else should I be looking at?

I am also a bit concerned about getting the right fit, having never properly done this before. Are there any tips for this?


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