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wilier gtr 2015

karl1081karl1081 Posts: 62
edited September 2014 in Your road bikes
we,ll it arrived today ,the wifes new wilier gtr 105 . got to say the web pictures as usual dont do the actual bike justice.
its a stunning frame ,fingers crossed for decent weather tomorow .glad shes waited and gone for the 11 speed 105 as the 11-28 ratio,s feel brill. some would disagree with shimano on wilier but it works exceedingly well .think shes more than happy with it so far. :D20140829_165531_zpsd40e5ac5.jpg[/URL]


  • diamonddogdiamonddog Posts: 3,422
    Lucky lady, that's about 4 pairs of Jimmy Choos to my other half. :)
  • woolwichwoolwich Posts: 298
    Very smart.
    Mud to Mudguards. The Art of framebuilding.
  • PhilbyPhilby Posts: 328
    I love look of the Wilier GTR frames particularly the curve from the seat stay into the top tube :D
  • spanner239spanner239 Posts: 181
    Saw one of these in the flesh for the first time last week, lovely looking bike, especially the shape of the top tube. The one I saw had a standard BSA bottom bracket as well, bonus on a carbon frame these days!
  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,207
    Is that custom paintwork? I thought the GTR only came in the floor green/black, red/black and team Columbia colours. I like the white though.
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  • Standard colour on the 2015 bikes I believe.
  • Although it is more orange than red in the flesh!
  • yes this is 2015 colourway for the gtr , the green and black is going to be availible but with disk brake version i beleive. we ordered this without seeing an actual bike and my missus was worrying about the orange looking more red ,but now we have the bike ,i can say it is flouresant orange . the frame colour scheme overall looks amazing
  • I'm tempted to pick up the 2015 model with campag veloce for 1500 just on the basis of that paint job!

    But the 2014 Izoard with Centaur is available at it worth going for the better frame with veloce?
  • Looks Amazing. Im unsure 105 Shimano or The Veloce.. ???
    ive found a wilier Dealer in italy that can ship the bike over for around £1080 inc delivery.
    the 2015 models in italy are available in red/black, white orange and green black..see (he said for some reason atb are only using the white/orange in the Uk) Naturally its red / black combination for me , however in italy a GTR Anthena is available £1250 .. is it worth the extra cost anybody ?? the chours comes in at £1500 ish (a little to much for me..
    Finally all the above bikes can fit Di2 Or Eps.. i want to future proof my bike ,
    The Veloce would need a new mech and chain £120 ish to adapt, while the Anthena and chorus need nothing just the standard upgrade £850 ish.. any opinions ?
  • The Izoard for some reason is dropping down Wiliers used to sit near the top of their builds but since the XP came in, then the original GT and now the GTRs, the Izoard has been can pick up an Izoard now for less than a grand.....very different to the orignail RRP of £2499 about 5 years ago when it was a very good bike :?
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