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Searching for the holy grail - ST-6510/5510/R600 name plate

turkeyticklerturkeytickler Posts: 640
edited August 2014 in Workshop
Hi all

Anyone know where i can get hold of a replacement shifter name plate for my ultegra 6510 (9 speed 6500 series) STIs?

From what I can see, the 105 ST-5510, Ultegra ST-6510 or non-series ST-R600 parts will fit, but not the ST-R6500 which is a different layout.

Been looking on fleabay for months and no joy, sjs had one R600 left which i snapped up - cant find anything anywhere else - if anyone knows where they are available i will be forever in your debt!

Doesnt have to be new, just not mangled to death like the current one - alternatively, anyone got a name plate or even an entire shifter gathering dust that they would like to offload? Open to reasonable offers.

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