Gap between headtube and fork. HELP!

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First, let me say thanks for the info I've received through lurking this forum.   I appreciate it. 

Bought a brand new Specialized Langster last week.   Today I switched the drop bars to a bullhorn style, and upgraded brake & lever.  

My question...  After taking off the stem I was careful to not let the fork slip thru the head tube, but it did slip about an inch.   

Now, there's a 2mm gap between the head tube and the fork.   Did I screw something up?    AT NO TIME did I take off any bearings or bits, so I know nothing is missing or upside down.    Also, I know there was NO GAP there before.   Did I unseat something?   

A quick check of the tension checks out (no clunk in headset, and not too tight either.. wheel flops side to side).    Dirt/water will quickly destroy this and I know there was no gap prior.   

Anyone???   Cheers



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    Difficult without seeing it. It's not unusual to have a gap.

    Are you sure there was no gap before? If you're certain, take the stem off and reseat everything again.