Rim Suggestions, Please!

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Good afternoon! I apologize in advance if I'm asking a much too often asked question.
I'm a fairly new to cycling, 45yrs old/223lbs (going down little by little), own a cyclocross non-disc brake bike and would like to purchase a wheelset for road riding. My budget is $650 tops. What I feel comfortable about already is that I should get 24/28 or the safer move is 28/32 spoke count for my weight. I've also been urged to look at Ultegra hubs...other than that I really need some advice! All I want is black rims with Ultegra hubs, or whatever else you may suggest and a price within my budget.

Where I ride: Mostly paved roads with a fair amount of climbs but nothing extreme
How I ride: Fairly relaxed ride between 16.6 and 19mph/avg (depends on the route)
How far do I ride: Daily rides of no less than 8mi, most days 13mi and between 25 and 35 on Sundays

Thanks in advance! (please provide links if you happen to know of a set or site)



  • ugo.santalucia
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    Talk to a builder local to you... but yes, Ultegra 32 holes are great hubs and see what he suggests in terms of rims
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    Cheaper even with Dura Ace hubs, black rims without markings:
    http://wodenonline.myshopify.com/produc ... 9-wheelset

    I've built me a set with these rims a coule of months ago and there are small but significant advantages in grip and comfort (lower pressure) especially for heavier riders.
    I like the stealth look too, but that's taste....
    Even the lighter but more expensive Pacenti SL23 rims are in your budget (with cheaper hubs).
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    I'm 98-102 kg depending on my state of fatness/fitness and use Miche hubs and Velocity A23 rims with 32 Sapim Race spokes and they are excellent.
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    Good combination too.....