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Fiveten vxi

frankspencer1979frankspencer1979 Posts: 525
edited August 2014 in MTB buying advice
Currently got fiveten spitfires (non vxi.) Been well happy with them but it's time for some new ones.

I was set on the freerider elements for a bit more waterproofing, but crc only have the vxi version (I have vouchers to use so ideally they need to come from CRC.)

I'm a bit dubious about the grip offered from the flat portion of the sole, on and off the bike. Anyone any experience of them?


  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    I tried some on the other day as they were reduced at a local shop - was tempted as they were very comfortable but the silly flat bit puts me off - I like the grip of my Karvers with the normal sole and not sure I want a lesser grip/ability to move my foot on it. Dont get the point.
    Closet jockey wheel pimp censored .
  • My thoughts exactly, I'm used to the normal sole on the spitfires and don't really understand why the flat bit is necessary? And surely walking on wet rocks and in mud must be a nightmare!?
  • revmattrevmatt Posts: 75
    I bought some elements last week before riding a week in wales (llandegla, coed Y, penmachno) and they were amazing. The flat section is actually really grippy both on and off bike, its some climbing shoe rubber or something. Its not slippy smooth I can assure you of that. They also dry quickly as they're less 'spongy' than other shoes.

    Good luck
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