Crankset/Chainrings upgrade

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Hi everyone , I've got a shimano M780 XT Hollowtech crankset 10 Speed which I coverted to a 2x10. The chainring a have worn out and need replacing ( didn't last very long) Can anyone recommended a better set of chainrings ? Sizes are 24x32 with a 11-34 cassette on the back. Ethirteen bashring guard as well. Any advice will be very helpful!



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    How many chains did you go through to the rings? You must be doing a lot of climbing to wear out a 24t inner.
  • About 3 or 4 . The chains have all been correct that I've used . I do a lot of climbing recently. Was building up my fitness for megavalanche this year. So long distance rides as well
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    Seems like they've done alright to me.

    I'd go for what you've got again tbh. They shift the best.
  • Ok, So you don't think there's any other brands or product that would/perform better than XT ?
  • Arent deore all steel while the xt are alu?

    Bit of a weight gain, but is a trade off between weight/longevity... doubt youd notice the weight difference mind.
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    XT are composite on the middles.
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    e13 if you fancy a change / adding some bling.
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    Alloy will wear faster than steel, especially in bad conditions, stick with steel.
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