Big dilemma ....

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Morning all,
I have just finished paying for my Defy 2 and was all set to buy a new bike, I had narrowed it down to two:

Dolan L'Etape with full Ultegra £1299
Cube Agree GTC Sl (2014) full Ultegra £1500 (down from £1899)

Today I have just seen the new Giant Propel Advanced 1 on the Giant website and it is sweet (£1649) :D

So my dilemma is do I upgrade my standard wheels on my Defy (looking at a set of Campagnola Sirocco 35's) and save the extra for the Propel ? once I have the new wheels will they be better than the Giant P-A2's on the propel ? or am I just wasting money with the Campagnola's as the difference will be minimal.

This is the first upgrade I will have made to my Defy and I know that lots of threads advise getting new rims as they can make a massive difference to your performance and ride.

Any advice really appreciated especially re the rims